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Beyond Recycled      

From our materials and manufacturing methods, to our transportation choices, Prolific’s commitment to the environment is an integral part of our business.  We partner with our suppliers, employees and clients to achieve real and measurable environmental improvement.  We were leading the way and going beyond recycling when we obtained our FSC Certification in 2007.  The Forestry Stewardship Council is a worldwide organization committed to ensuring that any new fibre in a paper comes from a sustainable well-managed forest operation. You can learn more at www.fsccanada.org.

One of the by-products of our press operations is the generation of waste solvent.  Our Solvent Saver allows Prolific to reduce this waste as much as 95%, contributing to lower volatile organic compound generation and less landfill waste. With the guidance of Manitoba Hydro and our production team, we recently purchased the most efficient variable speed air compressor which allows for extra capacity and lowers our energy usage by 30%.

Prolific uses vegetable based inks, which contain 70% bio-renewable content and have low VOC emissions. The result is the highest possible content of renewable and sustainable raw materials while maintaining the high quality of the finished product.

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